Dicamba’s Deception

Tank contamination may often be the cause of damage

Cover Crops

Cooperating Companions

Interseeding can help to accomplish multiple goals.


Pure Pima, Guaranteed.

DNA tags authenticate top-quality fiber.

Value Added Business

The Next Step

Young cheesemaker builds on family tradition.


Outside Your Comfort Zone

Connect over milk and cookies.


Farming’s “No-Green” Deal

Preventing algae blooms

Specialty Crops

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

New apple varieties follow different paths to the top.

From Homestead Magazine

Meet the PHARM Dog

Four-legged farmhands assist challenged farmers

From Homestead Magazine

Love & Roses

Nothing beats the passion for America’s favorite flower.

From Homestead Magazine

Painting with Soil

Soil art helps to communicate about the earth’s most precious resource.

From Homestead Magazine

Plants that Repel Bugs

Natural repellents help keep mosquitoes at bay.

From Homestead Magazine

Liquid Landscaping

Waterscaping adds a little paradise to backyards

From Homestead Magazine

Dutch Oven Delight

Fire up the coals and get cooking like a cowboy.

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From On Life & Land: Rhythm of the Ferries

Join field editor Lorne McClinton and On Life & Land for a look at life on Canada’s Discovery Islands.

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Video: River Mile 270, Part II

Join field editor Steve Werblow for part 2 of our series on the Columbia-Snake River system.

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Dicamba users thread the needle

“There’s actually far more at stake than just…a couple of herbicides.”

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Telling Tractor Tales

California’s Agriculture Museum tells old stories in new ways.

Web Exclusive

The Ancient Road

Sheep journey in the shadow of the Caucasus Mountains on a timeless trek.