Farm Succession

A Stitch in Time

Planning ahead can help farms survive death, divorce, disability, disagreement, and disaster.


A Higher Purpose

Monastic life adapts to the 21st century.


Brazil Steps Up

Former frontier has become a global ag powerhouse.


Make Way for Wheat

Growers squeeze wheat into corn and soybean rotations.


High Tech, Low Stress

Ranching couple adds new tech to lower their cattle’s stress.


Free-Range Co-Op

A group of small producers peck away at a unique market.


From The Ground Up

Farmers start a 4-H club to teach the next generation about the soil.

Precision Technology

Precisely Organic

Technology and data drive constant improvement.


Dreams For The Prairie

Pigs and prairie plants pair up as Monarch Bio Energy rolls out a plan to help save the planet.


Life On The Edge

Holistic drainage water management is goal of Missouri research site.


Agriculture’s Edison

Luther Burbank was a global superstar.

Cover Crops

Shortcut To A Cover Crop

Short season cash crops widen the window for cover cropping.

Web Exclusive

From On Life & Land: Rhythm of the Ferries

Join field editor Lorne McClinton and On Life & Land for a look at life on Canada’s Discovery Islands.

Web Exclusive

Video: River Mile 270, Part II

Join field editor Steve Werblow for part 2 of our series on the Columbia-Snake River system.

Web Exclusive

Dicamba users thread the needle

“There’s actually far more at stake than just…a couple of herbicides.”

Web Exclusive

Telling Tractor Tales

California’s Agriculture Museum tells old stories in new ways.

Web Exclusive

The Ancient Road

Sheep journey in the shadow of the Caucasus Mountains on a timeless trek.

Web Exclusive

The Staying Power of Sage

This North Carolina crop produces valuable compounds for the fragrance industry.