Closing the Soybean Yield Gap

The quest to unlock this crop’s full potential.


Aviation Alternatives

Fly the environmentally friendly skies with bio-based aviation fuels.


Skyscraping Salad Greens

Some things remain the same no matter the farm’s scale.

Niche Markets

Terre des Bisons

Quebec bison ranch turns to Plan B.

Dairy, Livestock

Milk Mix

Cross-breeding dairy cows boosts profitability on this Minnesota farm.

Conservation, Farm Succession

Following the Sheep

A tale of preservation and conservation, thanks to a lot of change.

From Homestead Magazine

Unexpected Homecoming

COVID-19 drives the lost generation back to the ranch.

From Homestead Magazine

Gravel Road Biking

Riding the back roads is the rage in cycling.

From Homestead Magazine

Hay Bale Art

Creativity is being sparked by bales of hay.

From Homestead Magazine

Bean Brewing

Growing coffee in Costa Rica rejuvenates retired Saskatchewan couple

From Homestead Magazine

Acres of Terror

Halloween provides haunting finale to orchard’s season.

Agriculture, Farm Finance

Invested in Carbon

Funding spurs changes that boost production and sequester carbon.

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From On Life & Land: Rhythm of the Ferries

Join field editor Lorne McClinton and On Life & Land for a look at life on Canada’s Discovery Islands.

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Video: River Mile 270, Part II

Join field editor Steve Werblow for part 2 of our series on the Columbia-Snake River system.

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Dicamba users thread the needle

“There’s actually far more at stake than just…a couple of herbicides.”

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Telling Tractor Tales

California’s Agriculture Museum tells old stories in new ways.

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The Ancient Road

Sheep journey in the shadow of the Caucasus Mountains on a timeless trek.