While the Will Rogers quote on our February cover is true (was any successful farmer a natural pessimist?), it’s also true that reasons for optimism, those signs of hope, can be hard to find…and hard to recognize, even when they’re staring us in the face. So to help lift the clouds of low prices, political unease, and regulatory uncertainty, we’ve gathered some of the brightest stories in ag for this special issue of The Furrow.

Feb Cover

“As a young person, there’s so much opportunity in agriculture, and it’s not all just farming,” says Stewart McGill, of Meridianville, Alabama. In his story, “Farm With A Passion,” Charles Johnson profiles Stewart and his wife Kasey, farmers themselves and managers of a nearby agritourism operation owned by Kasey’s family.

“They didn’t help me get started farming, but they gave me knowledge, those things you don’t learn about in school,” says Stewart. Today, the McGills farm about 600 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat outside of Huntsville, and are understandably bullish on ag’s ability to provide opportunities for those who may not be next in a succession line.

“There’s opportunity in genetics, in weed science, in marketing. It’s a big industry,” says Stewart.

Though the McGills’ story is optimistic, it’s not unique in ag. Read through these stories and you’ll find examples of farmers helping farmers, educating the public, preserving their environments…stories with a happy ending. So enjoy our special edition of The Furrow, and enjoy the day.

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