Weed Control

Public Enemy

Palmer amaranth makes its move into the Corn Belt.


In The Bag

New packaging material helps tell a sustainability story.


The Ames Experience

A visit to Tennessee’s highly unusual experiment station.

Niche Markets

Kicking The Habit

Montana rancher creates his own tobacco alternative.

Cover Story

GMO Battle Lines

Maps and debates are being redrawn.


Helping Harvest

Food bank program helps both the hungry and growers.

Weed Control

Invader From The North

Narrowleaf hawksbeard, a potentially devastating new weed, is blowing into fields and rangeland from Canada.


Canola’s Cred

Farmers and researchers work out production problems


Planting Partners

Companion crops can cut costs.

Soil Health

The Case For “Carbonomics”

Carbon is currency in your soil’s underground economy.