Collared Beef

Virtual herding set to advance grazing management.

Ag Tech, Precision Technology

Ag Research in a New Age

Technology turns farms into research centers.

Soil Health

Microbiome Mysteries

Seeking the science behind soil microbes’ influence.

Ag Tech

New Ideas, New Capital

Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship is bringing new energy to ag tech.


Counting Carbon

Perfecting a program to quantify farm carbon score.


What About Blockchain?

The technology behind cryptocurrency could revolutionize the marketing of agriculture.

Grains, Value Added Business

Value-Added Wheat

Focus on quality brings new opportunities.

Soil Health

Finding Phosphorus

Reclaiming what was once lost.

Soil Health

Rethinking the Walnut Waste Stream

Five years ago, after finishing at Georgetown University, Sean McNamara returned home to his family farm near Davis in California’s northern Central Valley. His parents, Craig and Julie McNamara, had bought a 460-acre property in 1980, and he’d grown up under the canopy of the walnut trees. While Sierra Orchards was well-run and respected, there were a few methods that the then-26- year-old thought could […]


In a Protein Panic

It’s plant vs. animal vs. lab. Or is there a fight at all?