Dripping Time Bomb

The time has passed to fix aging water infrastructure. It’s time to modernize.

Specialty Crops

High-Tech Green Thumbs

Beautiful landscapes get their start under Metrolina’s 170 acres of heated greenhouses.

Specialty Crops

A Man of All Seasons

Flash freezing berries to feed year-round demand.

Pest Control

Hi-Tech Pest Patrol

A network of internet-based technology provides an early warning.

Cover Crops

A Place for Pennycress

Fueled by a $10 million grant, a weed transforms to become a cash cover crop.


Why Beef?

Canada Beef Center of Excellence shows novel ways to utilize beef cuts.

Specialty Crops

A Good Apple A Day

Actually gets eaten


Temper & Tempo

Behavior in the squeeze chute may correspond to feed efficiency.

Soil Health

Brazilian No-tillers

Conservation farming’s true believers.

Food Safety

A Milk for Everyone

A2 milk offers new option for A1-sensitive consumers.

Specialty Crops

Winds of Change

Cauliflower becomes a surprising superstar.


Raising the Best Tasting Cattle

And How Selling the Story Helps Sell It.