Waste Not, Want Not

Dairy diversifies going grass to glass (and fork) using every scrap produced.


Flight of the Unicorn

Census shows 30 counties with $1 billion or more in agricultural product sales.

Soil Health

A Handle on Soil Health

Researchers are nailing down the details.


Underground Vault

Soil water storage bank hedges against drought.

Farm Succession

Coming to the Crossroads

A big happy farming family may mean farming without the family.

Field Operations

Linchpin of the Harvest

This seasonal superhero ensures your farm is fueled.

Niche Markets

Magic of Mushrooms

Ontario farm finds success with gourmet mushrooms.

From Homestead Magazine

A New Life

Life-changing accident launches Scotland Farm.

From Homestead Magazine

Where the Wild Plums Grow

Fragrant flowers and delectable fruit from our farm’s thicket.

From Homestead Magazine

The Humble Sheepwagon Rolls On

Restoring and building sheep wagons is this craftsman’s calling.

From Homestead Magazine

The Zen of Bonsai

Ancient art form creates Robert Smith’s path to to profit.

From Homestead Magazine

Creating Bliss

Sisters attract wine lovers with honey.

From Homestead Magazine

Container Gardens

Great beauty from small spaces.


Farmer Faceoff

Unique program lets growers compare management.